Autism Therapy & Family-centred Intervention:

Creative therapeutic Support for Parents of a Child with Relationship or Learning Difficulties, including Autism, Autistic-like Behaviours, Language Delay

  1. Do you have a child with autistic-like behaviours, autism or delayed speech/language development?
  2. Have you tried all sorts of things and approaches to help your child, but nothing has really worked?
  3. Are you tired of mechanistic approaches that try to fix your child, rather than helping you with your relationship?
  4. Does your gut instinct tell you, that it doesn’t have to be this way, - that there must be a better way?

Don’t give up! There IS another way. With deeper understanding, there’s always something that can be done!

Autism can be a hopeful condition and children with autistic-like behaviours or an autism diagnosis can make good progress, provided family-centred feelingful support at home comes early enough, is well enough informed and actively involves parents as active partners in our therapeutic efforts.

Did you know that autistic-like behaviours

  • do not necessarily mean your child has autism?
  • are all human behaviours, that can be seen in so-called normal people?
  • can often change, when we understand what is really going on to create these difficulties?

What is MindBuilders’ Approach?

  • holistic/ comprehensive therapeutic developmental programme
  • to fit the unique individual needs of your child and family
  • to coach and help parents to understand their child, so they can help him/her every day at home
  • in playful activities and therapeutic strategies and techniques
  • because human beings are born for relationships and social interaction with other people

Who is it for? This is for you, if you are looking for someone to walk with you and show you

  • how to understand your child and what is going on in his/her inner world to create the difficulties (rather than a formal diagnosis or behaviour training addressing external issues)
  • how you can address your worries about speech/language/cooperation, autistic-like behaviours/autism, eating, sleeping, toilet-training
  • developmental activities and strategies to address the gaps in his understanding, that you can do with your child at home
  • how to maximise the use of your home environment to encourage your child’s development
  • how to practically address behavioural issues as a form of emotional communication
  • give you a clear sense of direction and ways to see your child and his/her challenges from a different perspective

This is how it works:

  1. we meet and observe together what you and your child are struggling with
  2. I meet and come to know your family and your child in his/her home environment
  3. we begin to explore and understand what is going on and where your child may have got stuck in his development and how to reduce the blockages
  4. I will play with your child and coach you towards effective playful interaction with your child  

What will you get? Together we will

  • build relationships with your child, so you can enjoy and have fun with each other
  • help your child to build his personality, develop loving relationships and use his strengths, so challenges are easier to handle
  • a more relaxed and happy family, where relationships happen, that weren’t there before

Development takes time

We are creating a foundation. Initially developmental changes may not always be visible, because they happen inside, like a chick hatching in an egg. Or they look so very different from what you expected, so you miss or don’t notice them by yourself. That is where you need a guide or coach to help you see, observe and understand. But once the foundation is built, one can build on it.

Complex problems can’t have quick fix solutions

However, there will be times, when things are difficult. When things seem stuck. When nothing happens. When you feel bad or frustrated or disappointed. These are growing pains and an important part of the process, of relationships and of growing up. Don’t run away. Stay with it, because cyclical crises are a normal part of life. In fact, with careful attention a crisis or difficult period always bears the opportunity for a break-through towards new developments. Without attention a crisis can result in a break-down and despair. So, never waste a good crisis!

Working together:

  • Parenting a child with additional needs is very stressful, so my first goal is to help parents to feel lighter, because someone is on their side to hear their concerns and provide effective support
  • Unlike approaches that provide activities for the child, I focus on giving attention to everyone in the family and to facilitate lasting changes in interaction and to build healthy family relationshi
  • Once parents become aware of what is really going on for their child and in the family, and what is creating the child’s unique difficulties, fundamental changes begin to take place    See also: 

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INITIAL Home Consultation



Who is this package for? This package is for you, if you

  • worry about your child’s delay in speech/language, cooperation, play and learning
  • want someone to meet your child and family at your home and understand, what is going on
  • are looking for someone to listen and share the difficulties you experience
  • are unsure, whether or not to seek a formal diagnosis or autism assessment

This is what you will get:

1 Home Consultation = 1 Home visit + 1 reflective Review Meeting

  • I meet your child in his home and family environment
  • We observe together/You can show me, what you and your child are struggling with
  • We begin to explore and understand what is going on and where your child may have got stuck in his development, what the blockages might be and ways to help


  • you can see new ways of understanding your child’s difficulties
  • you feel less lost and helpless, because you understand better, what is going on with your child
  • you have a sense of direction and what you can do yourself, to help your child/improve the situation




Who is this package for? This package is for you, if want

  • explore, what it feels like to have this kind of 1-1 support at home/ Tut mir das gut?
  • coaching so you can develop your child’s communication/language skills, play and learning
  • your child to receive my 1-1 attention through therapeutic play towards building relationships
  • to begin to figure out, what is happening and what is blocking his developmental progress

This is what you will get:

  • dedicated weekly individualised support for your child and for you as parents
  • 1-1 interactive therapeutic play with your child and coaching for parents
  • understanding, what is going on for you/ your feelings, worries and questions
  • play techniques/materials for your child’s therapy that are developmentally appropriate


  • you feel more confident in relating and interacting with your child, and less stressed
  • you have a sense of direction as you begin to understand better, what is going on with your child
  • your child is more interactive and interested in the world, and more connected with you
  • your home environment is supporting you and your child towards meaningful play and learning

Regular:    3 months of fortnightly meetings 

Intensive: 2 months of weekly meetings 


Who is this for? This package is for you, if you

  • want ongoing support and to work towards progress and transformation
  • want to help your child at home to develop communication/language, play and learning
  • want to tackle some more difficult issues, including sleeping or eating problems, tantrums, controlling/ passive/ hyperactive behaviour, negativity, depression and helplessness
  • understand that
    • developmental progress and building relationships takes time, continuity and commitment
    • building new and changing engrained patterns takes time
    • it takes time to tackle the issues that block your child’s developmental progress
    • there is no quick fix for complex issues like the human mind and relationships

 This is what you will get:

  • the same as the EXPLORATORY PACKAGE and
  • support to contain and reduce feelings of confusion in child and family, and to
  • prevent disturbances and reduce learning problems at home and at school
  • sensory, movement and developmental activities
  • managing stress and difficult feelings, e.g. diagnosis, behaviour, the future
  • assistance with IEP-goals


  • you understand better, what is going on with your child
  • you are more confident in your relationship with your child
  • you feel supported and less stressed 
  • your child is more interested in the world and more connected with you
  • a more relaxed and happy family

Regular:   9 months of fortnightly meetings

Intensive: 6 months of weekly meetings

Parents always report immediate changes in their child and for themselves after the first Autism Therapy Home Consultation & Review meeting. More about Home Consultation Therapy

Every child has different learning needs so choosing the right approach is key. Whether you're a child therapist, parent or carer we offer  Training in Autism Awareness, Therapies and Methods

Therapy and support can be fun. Books, cards and activities all help a child, with an ASD, to learn and develop.
Books, toys and activities to help and engage your autistic child

Autism Seen Developmentally (ASD): Progress for Children with Autism and their Families 

If you knew, how much your child's play and language could develop with the right interactive techniques from you and at home, then you would book your FREE orientation telephone call right now

A developmental approach to autism addresses the whole child (not just his autism) in the context of his/her family through developmentally appropriate play and communication, so s/he can climb the developmental ladder towards loving relationships, playful interaction, symbolic play and language.

Autistic behaviours are seen as the result of underlying issues or confusions to do with self-regulation, perception, movement and relatedness, and therefore with a great potential for change and developmental progress.

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