Calendar of Autism Courses & Workshops:

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DIR 101: DIRFloortime Introductory Weekend 

DIRFloortime Course Details UK

Location: Islington, London 

November 2018: Sat. 10th & Sun. 11th 

10.00am - 5pm

Two day course: £275
If booked by 25th Aug. 2018: £249

To BOOK please pay here  DIR101 London Nov. 2018 

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DIRFloortime Kurse auf deutsch

Wo: München
März 2018: Mi. 7.3. - Do. 8.3.2018
Dezember 2018: Mo. 3.12. - Di. 4.12.2018

Wo: Berlin
November 2019: Mo. 25. - Di. 26.11.2019

Wo: Pelzerhaken
September 2017: Thu. 14th, Fri. 15th & Sat. 16th

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Waldon Approach WORKSHOP:     Learning to Learn through Hands-on Play

Location: Islington, London              Trainers: Merete Hawkins & Sibylle Janert

Dates:   November 2018: Sun. 4th              Times:   11am - 2pm            Cost:    £35        If booked by 25th August 2018: £30

To BOOK complete this REGISTRATION FORM    & pay here Waldon Workshop

The Waldon Approach is a unique method that was developed by the pediatric neurologist Geoffrey Walden to help children with various learning difficulties. It offers an effective tool to engage and motivate the children and it is especially powerful, if introduced early on whilst the child is still young and it becomes part of their regular routine and their way of learning. 

The focus is on developing the learning to learn skills

  • being effortful
  • staying focused
  • sustaining interest in activities

Children with a range of learning difficulties, including autism, often get stuck at earlier stages of development and they do not develop the skills for learning. This intervention helps to re-engage the children and build their skills for learning.

The children learn by doing, to be physically active and using their hands, based on how typically developing children learn. The approach builds the foundation for thinking that is laid down in the first years of life and encourages learners to become self-motivated and independent.

Other Workshops on these and other topics can be arranged on request:

  • DIRFloortime Introductory Half-day Sessions
  • The Waldon Approach: Learning how to learn through Hands-on play
  • The Autism Debate: Is Autism a 'Thing' & is there more autism than before?
  • The Autistic State of Mind
  • Therapeutic Form drawing
  • Doing and Making: Using the Hands and Rediscovering Old Craft Skills