Toilet-Training & how to start toilet-training your child

Toilet training a child is not just a matter of physically sitting a child on the toilet. It does not start with a bum-on-seat exercise, though this plays a part. Toilet training starts with helping the child to understand about ‘here – not there’, ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. It’s about realising that there are things […]

It is good to know, that his mouth can produce speech like sounds needed for speech and words. But being able to list the letters or recite numbers is not talking. Especially with children with autism or autistic-like behaviours there’s a risk that they can get stuck with the simplicity of repeating the sequence of ABC or numbers, which often leads […]

Required viewing for all parents whose child was born from 1984 onwards, and everyone else. Brilliant perspective on our children’s generation, the downside of child-centred parenting, a generation crippled by low self esteem and social media addiction, entitlement, deferred gratification, binge watching, coping mechanisms, unrealistic expectations, and imbalance by Simon Sinek. Spot on. “If you’re sitting at dinner with your friends […]

  Video games and electronic screen time keeps a child quiet. But inside the child is often agitated, anxious, even frantic and stressed, – and anything but calm. What happens is that electronic games affect the brain’s reward system, causing a huge increase of levels of dopamine, which creates the sense of craving, and triggering the release of opioids, the […]

Giving up iPad and Electronics ‘I let my 4.5 year old son Alex watch children’s TV and use apps on the iPad, because I didn’t see the harm in it. It gave us a break and gave him chance to enjoy his cartoons and learn some new things. But our son wasn’t listening to us, he was passive in his […]

Shahida and her Autistic Brother Abdul: ‘Autism, Is it really genetic?’ or The Complex Relationship between Genetics and Environment. Shahida was a few months old, when her 3 year old brother Abdul was diagnosed as autistic. Mum was devastated. Dad did not know what to do. Parents did not understand. Their English was not very good, so they could not […]

Habib: Traumatic Experiences as a Baby and Autistic behaviours: Habib’s Story Habib was born with a heart-defect. Aged 3 months, he was in intensive care for several weeks after the operation. His babyhood was overshadowed by his father’s violence towards his mother and abusive relationship with Habib and his older brother. When I met Habib, he seemed to spend most […]