Making a Scooter Board Scooter-boards or ‘furniture moving trolleys are a great and versatile toy as they encourage movement through the use of arms and hands, while sitting or lying on it. This boy uses a bathroom plunger to propel himself forward, which requires lots of effort and coordination, and is very organising for his regulatory system.

Learning to ‘Gather’, ‘Sort’, ‘Carry’ and ‘Move Things’ At the early developmental levels children need lots of ‘stuff’ that they can pick up, sort, gather, carry and move around. There are lots of natural materials that can be collected for this purpose: conkers, stones, peach stones, acorns, … lemons, potatoes … or plain wooden blocks, bottle tops, …

Graham’s Story: Autistic-like. When it’s not autism. What is it? ‘When their son was just 17 months old, Erik and Jennie Linthorst suspected something was not quite right. Experts and therapists told them their son was autistic. Sort of. Maybe. Some called him autistic-like. Others said he was not autistic at all. With his parents still seeking a clear diagnosis, […]

Isaac: A Mother’s Journey to discover her Baby ‘Dear Health-visitor, I just wanted to let you know, how Isaac is getting on. He is almost 18 months now. It’s been quite a journey. But things are going well and I’m now not worried about autism any more, because I feel I’m in such good emotional contact with Isaac. We understand […]

Jack (age 5) kept grabbing and pressing himself onto mother’s head and although passionate, it did not lead to loving interaction, but actually hurt her. She had tried many ways to stop this unfortunate behaviour, until she discovered that giving him something into his outstretched hand was often successful in orienting him back to a shared activity. At other times […]