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About Sibylle

I am a London based psychologist and have been working with families, children and autism for over 25 years using a therapeutic approach that has feelings at its centre, focussing on emotional relationships and communication in the family.

In response to parents asking for more personalised support with their children’s behaviour at home, I have developed a unique approach combining Autism Home Consultations, Video Interaction Guidance and Review Meetings with parents.

My approach is influenced by the helpful work of many other practitioners including DIRFloortime, Waldon Approach, psychotherapy, form drawing and music therapy.

I am also the author of several books and other therapeutic materials, that are the result of my work with families and children with autism and/or developmental delay, and I run regular training courses for parents of autistic children and professionals, working with autism in the UK and in Germany on DIRFloortime, the Waldon Approach, etc.