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Do you worry about autistic-like behaviours?
  1. Does your child ignore you, when you call his name?
  2. Is your child still not speaking, interacting and using words like other children his age?
  3. Do you worry about behaviours like screaming, jumping or lining up his cars all the time?
  4. Do you worry about autistic-like behaviours, autism, ASD or delayed speech/language development?
  5. Are you looking for help to improve your relationship through play rather than behaviour training?

 „I feel I have found my child“

„Finally I feel that I can reach my child. With Sibylle’s help I understand much better, how he experiences the world and can relate to to him ways that work. He’s engaging with me and I feel that I have found my child. It makes me so happy to see the gleam in his eye!“

Sacha’s mum


  • do not always mean your child has autism?
  • are all human behaviours, that make sense and are very common?
  • can often change, when we understand what is really going on to create these difficulties?
  • are not necessarily a permanent biological defect?

Autistic-like behaviours can be understood as the result of underlying sensory-emotional issues or confusions to do with self-regulation, perception, affect, movement and relatedness, and therefore with a great potential for change and developmental progress.

How can I support you?

What parents say …

 Best intervention imaginable for my child!

„Through our work with Sibylle we have found a sense of direction as a family. As parents we regained control over our life. Every family should have this kind of support. Because it returns the power back to the parents and helps us to understand our child developmentally and to help him in effective and appropriate ways.“

Natasha’s parents

 You have given me hope and the confidence

MindBuilders has given me hope and the confidence to help, first myself and then my child to respond positively to his autistic behaviours. I now see autism and autistic behaviours with completely different eyes. With Sibylle’s help I have found a sense of orientation that helps me as parent to stay focussed, calm and engaged with Henry.

Henry’s dad

We feel like the door is now open

Our daughter became withdrawn and we found it difficult to engage her. She was falling behind her peers and this became more and more noticeable. The subject of autism is littered with theories, ideas and treatments which one can really get lost in. It did not make sense to us how our daughter could be biologically and neurologically healthy and yet doctors/therapists would try and treat autism with a biological approach. When we read your theory, it made more sense than any other long-winded and politically correct attempt. Your approach with kids struck me and my wife and we were delighted to see that our daughter was able to engage with a stranger multiple times within two hours. 

The first visit. Our daughter waved goodbye. We hadn’t seen that in such a long time and it was just wonderful to see that again. When you left the first thing my wife said to me was “it doesn’t matter how much this lady is asking for, she’s worth every bit of it.”  Ellena now makes great eye contact, she is so much happier than before, she smiles and laughs at us and even gives us the occasional smooch. She is able to focus on activities and find things interesting, she even sometimes listens to our instructions. Our family relationship has gotten stronger, we do more things as a family and enjoy the time we spend together. There is still a long way to go, but we feel like the door is now opened.

Ellena’s parents

Sibylle Janert

About myself

I am Sibylle Janert and I have been working for over 30 years with families, children and autistic-like behaviours. As a psychologist I have developed a relationship-based interactive developmental approach where feelings and emotional states of mind are key in supporting healthy personality development, relationships and positive communication in the family.

Important influences in my work are DIRFloortime, The PLAY Project, the Waldon Approach, psychodynamic psychotherapy, Video Interaction Guidance, form drawing and music therapy.

I am the author of several publications and trainer for professionals and parents in DIRFloortime, the Waldon Approach, autism seen developmentally, autistic-like behavious a.o.

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