Developmental Autism Therapy & Family-centred Intervention:

  1. Does your child ignore you, when you call his name?
  2. Do you worry about behaviours like screaming, clutching or lining up cars?
  3. Do you worry about autistic-like behaviours, autism or delayed speech/language development?
  4. Are you looking for help to improve your relationship through play rather than behaviour training?

YOU ARE a PARENT of or involved with a Child with

  • Autistic-like or other puzzling Behaviours
  • Developmental Delay in Play and Language
  • Language Delay or Communication Difficulties
  • Difficulties to understand or make sense of the world
  • Autism, Autistic Spectrum Disorder or ASD Diagnosis
  • Relationship and Communication Difficulties
  • Learning Difficulties

Did you know that AUTISTIC-LIKE BEHAVIOURS do not always mean your child has autism?

  • are all human behaviours, that make sense and are very common?
  • can often change, when we understand what is really going on to create these difficulties?
  • are not necessarily a permanent biological defect?

Autistic-like behaviours can be understood as the result of underlying sensory-emotional issues or confusions to do with self-regulation, perception, affect, movement and relatedness, and therefore with a great potential for change and developmental progress.

YOU BELIEVE in your child’s developmental potential and the power of play and interaction.

Children with autistic-like behaviours or an autism diagnosis can often make good progress with family-centred support that

  • comes early enough, or as early as possible
  • focuses on relationships and feelings
  • actively involves parents as the child’s main play partners in our therapeutic efforts
  • uses playful interaction and takes place as much as possible at home

With these objectives in mind your child can develop so much more of his potential than what she/he is or does right now. I have seen it time and time again with so many children and families who I have worked with.

YOU WANT a warm relationship with your child and to nurture his mind and soul.  

MindBuilders‘ developmental approach to autism addresses the whole child (not just his autism) in the context of his/her family through developmentally appropriate playful interaction.

By coaching parents to communicate through appropriate play, we can help the child to climb the developmental ladder towards loving relationships, playful interaction, symbolic play, language and logical thinking.

The Key is in Playful Parent-Child Interaction

‚If the child is not helped to find manageable, rewarding interactions, he or she will begin to ’shut down‘ the baffling environmental input and a form of self-imposed sensory deprivation will begin to set in.‘ says Dr. Stanley Greenspan, author of the DIRFloortime Approach in his book: ‚Engaging Autism‘

Welcome. I am so glad you are here!

You are in the right place here, if you want to help your child to be more ‚with us‘, to develop his personality and to relate joyfully with you and other people. Whether diagnosis or not, you know that the only way forward is to figure out, how your child sees the world and to help him to build trust in you and the world around him, so he is interested to connect and open to engage lovingly with you and people around him.

YOU HAVE JUST FOUND SOMEONE, who will not just tell you, what you know already, but who will help you to

  • address your specific worries and questions
  • understand your individual child and your unique family situation
  • work with you to figure out, where your child’s development has got stuck and how to get unstuck and onto a positive developmental path
  • help you as parents to grow yourself and to feel more confident and less worried, so you can enjoy family life with each other

I am Sibylle Janert and a developmental psychologist. I will support you, your child and your family using developmental approaches including Floortime, the Waldon approach and over 30 years of practical experience working with children, families and autism through therapeutic home consultations, online webinars or face-to-face meetings. Find out more here under ‚What I Offer‘.

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