Autism Therapy & Family-centred Intervention:

Creative Therapeutic Support for Parents of a Child with Autistic-like Behaviours, Language Delay, Autism, Relationship or Learning Difficulties

  1. Does your child ignore you, when you call his name, and insist on holding something like a stick or coat-hanger?
  2. Do you have a child with autistic-like behaviours, autism or delayed speech/language development?
  3. Have you tried all sorts of things and approaches to help your child, but nothing has really worked?
  4. Are you looking for someone to improve your relationship, instead of mechanistic training to 'fix your child'?
  5. Does your gut instinct tell you, that it doesn’t have to be this way, - that there must be a better way?

Don’t give up! There IS another way. With deeper understanding, there’s always a lot that can be done!

Autism can be a hopeful condition and children with autistic-like behaviours or an autism diagnosis can make good progress, provided family-centred feelingful support at home comes early enough, is well enough informed and actively involves parents as active partners in our therapeutic efforts.

Did you know that autistic-like behaviours

  • do not necessarily mean your child has autism?
  • are all human behaviours, that make sense and are very common?
  • can often change, when we understand what is really going on to create these difficulties?

A developmental approach to autism addresses the whole child (not just his autism) in the context of his/her family through developmentally appropriate play and communication, so s/he can climb the developmental ladder towards loving relationships, playful interaction, symbolic play and language. Autistic behaviours can be understood as the result of underlying issues or confusions to do with self-regulation, perception, affect, movement and relatedness, and therefore with a great potential for change and developmental progress.

'My whole understanding of autism has changed!

'My whole understanding of what autism is and the possibility of helping has changed. Such a powerful workshop! It made me realise that autism doesn’t have to be a label, - that children can be helped and lifted out of their isolation by working with them at their developmental level through interaction and child-led play, rather than trying to get him to do what ‘he’s supposed to do’. Laura, Mother of girl with developmental challenges about the Floortime Introduction Workshop

If you knew, how much your child's play, relationship and language could develop through interactive play with parents at home, then you would waste no more time to book your FREE orientation telephone call right now.

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