If your child isn’t talking yet like other children his age, then here are some of the fundamental elements that are needed so that language and his ability to talk can grow and develop.

A child needs to discover language for themselves

In order to be able to discover in himself his own ability to use vocal sounds in order to speak, a child needs to

  • PLAY WITH MAKING SOUNDS in fun ways (not speech play!), by himself and together with another person
  • allow their MOUTH to be liberated from the physical function of infantile eating, so it can be used for experimenting with sounds and vocalizing (i.e. constant sucking, eating, drinking from bottles, sweets, dummies inhibit this process), but also with multi-dimensional chewing (e.g. meat, raw carrots)
  • let their MIND generate images, memories, ideas and ‘dream-thoughts’ and to have time to process these, to think and communicate about what he is feeling about what he is doing, rather then mindless actions and movement
  • increase his ability to WAIT and to discover his ability to regulate himself, i.e. to be able to tolerate frustration without falling apart when he doesn’t get instant sensory satisfaction
  • be interested to make LINKS with their immediate experience and the images, sounds, music, smells, sensations, feelings and emotional atmosphere around him
  • find a PERSON who is paying attention to his efforts to find gestures or other non-verbal ways to express his dream-thoughts, ideas and memories

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