Required viewing for all parents whose child was born from 1984 onwards, and everyone else. Brilliant perspective on our children’s generation, the downside of child-centred parenting, a generation crippled by low self esteem and social media addiction, entitlement, deferred gratification, binge watching, coping mechanisms, unrealistic expectations, and imbalance by Simon Sinek. Spot on!


“If you’re sitting at dinner with your friends and texting someone who isn’t there, that’s a problem, that’s an addiction…If you wake up and check your phone before you say good morning to your partner or your children, you’re addicted..

You don’t have to learn the social and coping mechanisms, everything you want you can have instantaneously, except job satisfaction and strength of relationships, there ain’t no app for that…They are slow, meandering, messy processes…”

The solution? Create screen-free areas in your house. Restrict screens (all screens, especially iPhones) to just ONE room or area in your house and ban them from communal spaces like bedrooms, dining table and all mealtimes. One family have everyone deposit everyone’s phones in a basket by the front door at 7pm. A group of friends only take ONE phone, when they go out together. ‘The real key is drawing physical lines, not mental lines, in recognition of just how weak our wills truly are. For you will not win trying to fight a running battle  with the forces of commerce. You’ll end up like the alcoholic who goes to bars and says to himself: ‘I’ll be fine with just one drink.’ says Tim Wu in ‘The Attention Merchants’ (2017).

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