This book will empower professionals and parents of children with special needs to create enjoyable, meaningful and engaging learning activities.

The book contains:
• Advice on choosing activities at the right level, which will increase the child’s engagement and learning.
• Suggestions for adapting everyday toys and equipment to create interesting learning activities.

The Waldon method originated from the work by Dr Geoffrey Waldon in early cognitive development. His unique insights led to a new understanding of how cognition develops and the challenges experienced by children with learning difficulties. This book is derived from 30+ years of teaching in special education, during which time the Waldon Approach was an essential tool. Merete Hawkins decided to rename it as the learning to learn approach, and she has introduced enhancements based on her experience in the classroom.

The book features:
• An outline of the principles of ‘learning by doing’ as developed by Dr Geoffrey Waldon.
• A developmental framework of the cognitive abilities from birth to 60 months.
• Detailed descriptions of the clearly defined levels and stages.
• A huge resource of activities to make special needs children successful learners.
• Strategies for adapting games and using variations to maximise learning opportunities and enjoyment.
• A practical non-verbal method for working with children, described in non-technical language. The approach has its strength in Dr Waldon’s deep insights into how children learn, complemented by his method on how to teach the early skills. It lays the foundations for the growth in cognition and children’s ability to occupy themselves in meaningful ways. The practical method is non-verbal, yet it is also highly suitable for children who have acquired language. Professionals working in special needs settings will find the book extremely useful.

The book will provide:
• A unique method to teach and engage children with special or complex needs.
• A new model of early cognitive development with detailed advice on how to facilitate this development.
• A foundation for the Early Years curriculum for children with special or complex needs in the specific areas of: literacy, mathematics and understanding the world.
• A format for a structured assessment, critical for setting out a child-centred programme.
• A lesson planning and observation form.This book will help parents to find appropriate activities to use in the home setting. It is full of ideas on how to create new learning experiences, and when the child’s understanding grows, his behaviour can improve.

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