Webinar: The 2 Key Elements to Help a Child to Change his Behaviour

Monday 4 February 2019  1:00pm – 2:30pm

for parents and professionals with Franco Scabbiolo, psychoanalyst

The 2 Key Elements to Help a Child to Change his Behaviour

  • Do you (and your child) struggle with challenging behaviours?
  • Do you feel stuck, because you feel you’ve tried everything, but nothing has worked? 
  • Is it because the child is autistic or there’s something wrong, so he can not learn or change for some reason?

In this webinar, Franco will show us, what is going on inside our own and the child’s mind, and what is necessary, if we want to find ways to get out from where we feel stuck and towards more harmonious relationships and behaviour.

These webinars are for anyone who sometimes feels trapped or stuck and is curious and willing to understand more about what is going on inside the mind, our own and that of others. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Parents of a child with puzzling or autistic-like behaviors, who want to understand more what is going on in their child’s and in their own minds
  • Professionals: Therapists, Education and Mental Health practitioners, Researchers and anyone looking for a deeper understanding of human emotional experiences

£30 per session, or £90 for 4 sessions
Once you have booked using the link below, we will send you a link for the webinar.