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Making Sense of Autism

  1. Are you confused about autism and what it actually is?
  2. Does your child refuse to respond and cooperate with you?
  3. Do you wish someone could explain what’s going on and why he doesn’t learn anything?

Yes, there is hope. There is always something that can be done. The crucial point is not doing as much as possible, but doing the right thing, – the right thing for you, and the right thing for your specific child, and the right thing for your particular family. On the internet, you find people talking about their own child. Not YOUR child. Or they discuss or repeat commonly held advice, that you already know, and that hasn’t worked for you.

Making Sense of Autism is for you, if you

  • have a special child who is difficult to engage, and does not understand, play or talk
  • have read so much about autism, but nothing has really made sense or addressed your questions
  • want to understand your child’s feeling and what is going on inside his mind
  • need someone to hold your hand and to support you to help your child and your family

‘Finally something about autism that makes sense of my son’s puzzling behaviours in a humane and sensitive way. Sibylle shows us what is behind the external behaviours and show we can help from the inside out. What a relief to feel for the first time that it is possible to understand my son with a sense of direction.’  Ali’s dad

Autism or Autisms?

There are probably many different kinds of autisms.

‘See a child differently, and you see a different child.’ Stuart Shanker

Seeing autism developmentally means that there is a way out. If our focus is on the child, rather than the diagnosis, then we see an individual with all the potential for change and mental-emotional development that is inherent in human beings. 

Making Sense of Autism:

  1. The Meaning of Autistic Behaviours
  2. Understanding Autistic States of Mind
  3. Origins of Autism
  4. Pre-autistic Warning Signs
  5. Addressing Gaps in Mental-Emotional Development
  6. Creative Solutions to Autism

This Online Course

is a set of resources to help you make sense of some of the puzzling behaviours of a child with autism and to give you a sense of direction to support this child’s personality development. It consists of 6 Modules, that can be booked individually or as a whole set.

The Meaning of Autistic Behaviours

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Understanding Autistic States of Mind

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Origins of Autism

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Pre-autistic Warning Signs


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Addressing Gaps in Mental-Emotional Development

Creative Solutions to Autism

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