Autism Workshops & Courses for Parents of Autistic Children

Understand how your child sees the world, why they react to their environment as they do and how to help them to learn, develop and have fun.

DIR 101: DIRFloortime Introductory Course

The DIR 101 DIRFloortime Introductory course introduces participants through videos of children to the developmental individual-difference relationship-based DIR Floortime Model and its basic concepts of:

  • The DIR Model: Developmental - Individual-difference - Relationship-based
  • Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities/Levels
  • Being responsive to each child's individual sensory profile
  • Gestural non-verbal communication is the key to speech/language development
  • 'Follow the child’s intentions/lead AND challenge him at the same time to guide him up the developmental ladder'
  • Circles of Communication: keep the interaction going for as long as possible, making sure it is playful and fun for each player
  • Self -reflection allows us to be creative in making and learning from what went well and what didn't. Make more mistakes. You can learn a lot that way!

The DIRFloortime model is a comprehensive approach that is suitable for all children and adults, including those with autism, language or developmental delay, learning difficulties or other special needs.

This introductory course consists of at least 11 hours of training and is usually taught over 2 days, a weekend or 4-5 half-day sessions.

It is a prerequisite for enrolling in further DIR or Floortime training, e.g. in ICDL’s 201, 202, 203 courses or with Profectum or The PLAY Project.

What parents say about this course:

Gave me renewed hope and provided me with great information. I can't wait to go home and try all these new ideas with my child!

The videos were wonderful, - so great to learn from. Very helpful in demonstrating concepts and facilitating discussion.

Exceeded expectations! So balanced, reflective, interactive, - combining the theoretical with real application.

I realise that I need to focus more on gestural language with my non-verbal child, not on 'teaching him words' in order to help him to 'get' language.

The slides helped me with making notes. The videos help with understanding. Referring to the FEDLs card as a 'map' was super helpful.

We used all the time well, even though it was a lot. I feel not a minute was wasted.

Course Booking Details, Dates, Prices

2019: Courses are scheduled in London, United Kingdom (in English) and in München, Berlin, Frankfurt, Ramstein, Germany and in Switzerland (auf deutsch)

For details on Dates, Locations, Times and Attendance Costs please see the 'Autism Courses & Workshop Events Calendar page' where you will find up to date details on all the courses, workshops and events.