The hard-to-engage child can be helped to emerge

with Sibylle Janert, Developmental Therapist & Franco Scabbiolo, Psychoanalyst

For PARENTS/CARERS and Everyone

Do you wish you could

  • feel less alone, helpless and unsure, what to do?
  • support your child’s play, language and learning at home?
  • make sense of your child’s puzzling behaviours and address what is blocking your child’s developmental progress

For THERAPISTS/EDUCATORS and other Professionals

Do you sometimes

  • feel stuck, lost and desperate about how to make progress?
  • wish you had a clear sense of directions and understanding of the situation?
  • want to learn more therapeutic skills and capacities? 

Family Centred DIR Autism Therapy

Liberate your child to love & play 

Online Coaching & Parenting Support

Face-to-Face by Arrangement

National & International Consultations