In The Family Picturebook 

A picturebook guide to family relationships for parents and other family members

Written by Sibylle Janert and illustrated by Claudia Schenk. Printed on heavy card stock.


Autism In The Family for parents, siblings & others

A picturebook for parents, older siblings and other family members

Written by Sibylle Janert, Merete Hawkins and Sheila Coates, illustrated by Claudia Schenk printed on heavy card stock.


FEDC- Postcards

The 6 basic Functional Emotional Developmental Levels/Capacities from the DIRFloortime model as a handy guide.

Higher FEDLs 7-9 on the back.

Ideal to keep in your purse or handbag and to share with colleagues and parents.

Design by Sibylle Janert

£12.00 for pack of 10 

Mindbuilders’ Play Manual    Paperback by Sibylle Janert

Playing with Babies, Playing in the Family, Playing and Autism:

Practical Ideas for Healthy Development, Play and Behaviour at Home


Reaching the Young Autistic Child: Reclaiming Non-autistic Potential Through Communicative Strategies and Games, now available directly from us.

Paperback by Sibylle Janert/ Second Hand only


Learning to learn – Paperback by Merete Hawkins (October 21, 2019)

How to teach children with learning difficulties or autism to learn:

A step by step guide to the Waldon Approach – Learning by doing 

£21.95            To order the book click HERE

PLAY techniques cards FEDLs 1-4

£10.00 per pack

PLAY techniques cards FEDLs 4-6

£10 per pack  

Mindbuilders’ Rhyme Cards: 1

Rhymes for Having Fun with a Child Who is Difficult to Engage

by Sibylle Janert and Carol Mannion

£10.00 oer oack

Mindbuilders’ Rhyme Cards: 2

Rhymes to Woo a Child into Social Interaction and Shared Play

by Sibylle Janert and Carol Mannion

£10.00 per pack

Family Centred Autism & DIRFloortime Therapy

Liberate your child to love & play 

Online Coaching & Parenting Support

Face-to-Face by Arrangement

National & International Consultations

16 Key Strategies for DIRFloortime Play

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