Our biggest problem was that our child did not want to SLEEP

Your child can learn to go to sleep and sleep through the night, so you can get a good night’s sleep too.

I have witnessed this a lot. For some reason the child is struggling with/ has not managed/ mastered the most basic milestones of early development and parents are desperate for support/ to help.

Does your child

  • refuse to go to bed?
  • demand that you must lie or sleep with him?
  • wake you up every night and refuse to go back to sleep?

In this module there are 4 units that will help you tackle your child’s sleeping difficulties in thoughtful and simple ways.

Unit 1: Bedtime & Night time parenting

How much sleep does your child need?

Unit 2: Planning a Bedtimes Routine

What suits your family? – What helps your child? – What do YOU need?

Unit 3: Healthy Bedtimes

Bedtime for children – Adult-only time – Reflection & Review of the day

Unit 4: Bedtime Trouble

If your child won’t stay in bed

CALL-TO-ACTION: Please help me to get some sleep

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