My Child does

not want to SLEEP



Our biggest problem was that our child did not want to SLEEP

Your child can learn to go to sleep and sleep through the night, so you can get a good night’s sleep too.

I have witnessed this a lot. For some reason the child is struggling with/ has not managed/ mastered the most basic milestones of early development and parents are desperate for support/ to help.

Does your child

  • refuse to go to bed?
  • demand that you must lie or sleep with him?
  • wake you up every night and refuse to go back to sleep?

In this module there are 4 units that will help you tackle your child’s sleeping difficulties in thoughtful and simple ways.

Unit 1: Bedtime & Night time parenting

How much sleep does your child need?

Unit 2: Planning a Bedtimes Routine

What suits your family? – What helps your child? – What do YOU need?

Unit 3: Healthy Bedtimes

Bedtime for children – Adult-only time – Reflection & Review of the day

Unit 4: Bedtime Trouble

If your child won’t stay in bed

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