My Child does

not want to Eat



How can we respond to our child’s EAT

Does your child

  • refuse most of what you give him to eat or to drink?
  • insist on a very limited diet of mostly sweet and starchy foods?
  • want to eat all the time, spreading food all over the place?

This is a common problem. For some reason some children struggle with the most basic milestones of early development and parents are desperate for support to help their child. 

Your child can learn to EAT, so you can stop worrying and your family can have mealtimes together.

This is what you get:

This module will help you in 16 units to tackle your child’s eating issues in thoughtful and simple ways.

 Unit 1                     Food and Eating

Eating – Appetite – Digestion

Unit 2                    Good Healthy Food

Food groups – Good Foods – Non-foods – Bad foods

Unit 3                    How much food is good for me child?

Portion-Size – The Internal Hunger Clock – Less is More

Unit 4                    Minimal Diet

How can you stop worrying, whether your child will survive?

Unit 5                    Eating the Food: Whose Job is it?

Roles – Responsibilities – Power battles

Unit 6                    Strategies to encourage Healthy Eating

Mealtimes – What to do & What not to do

Unit 7                   Feeding GUIDELINES

Basic Rules for Healthy Eating with your Child

Unit 8                  Being playful with Food + Helping in the kitchen

Exploring food – Being involved – Finding out about the world

Unit 9                  Simple Recipes

Pizza – Fruit Salad – Fish cakes – Banana Yoghurt

Unit 10                Creative Ideas around Food and Eating

Easy to do – Delighting the Child – Encouraging Imagination

Unit 11                Fussy Eating & Picky Eaters

Basic ideas – Strategies – What to Avoid

Unit 12                 What you should NEVER say about Food and Eating

What you say to your Child, can make Things Worse or Prevent Change

Unit 13                 Picky Eating

Basic Strategies & Examples

Unit 14                 TIPS for Picky Eaters

How to Prevent Mealtime Battles

Unit 15                 Why Variety is so Important

What to offer – When – and How

Unit 16                 How to Add Variety

Strategies that Work & What to Avoid

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