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A game for the hard-to-engage child

A game for the hard-to-engage child

Patrick & Mouth-and-Face-games Patrick (age 4 ½ ) adopted ‘mouth-and-face-games’ as if he had been craving for a game like this: Always active, it took some time to get Patrick to sit down or to pay attention to anything. He spent most of the time moving around,...

How to create an Indoor Gym for a young Child

How to create an Indoor Gym for a young Child

It’s winter or autumn and miserable outside. You’ve all been indoors all day. Or you’ve been out, but your child is still full of energy, running around aimlessly or loudly bouncing on the sofa. You’ve run out of ideas. He is still full of energy and only movement or...

Problems with understanding language

Problems with understanding language

Understanding language begins with the child feeling like a powerful communicator. What is essential for this development is the child’s repeated experience of people around him who love him and who make the effort to understand what he means, when using his body to...

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