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What to expect from our work together

Developmental progress takes time, continuity, effort and commitment. There’s no quick fix for building emotional relationships and transforming ingrained habits and mental patterns. But the human mind and brain have an endless potential for change. Every mind does. And every brain. But it cannot be done alone. The human mind needs the exchange with another mind from a caring other person in order to create new ways of being in the world. As a result of us working in partnership together with your child and both you as parents and me as your guide investing our time, commitment and emotional engagement with each other, we can expect to gradually see the following changes:

Your Child

  • communicating/talking more & more interested in play and interaction
  • developing his/her potential and personality
  • integral part of family with behaviour under control
  • eating, sleeping, toilet-training as in ordinary family life


  • feel confident in their parenting role and in charge
  • understand their child and how to communicate
  • are creative, play, relate and have fun with their child
  • a relaxed and functioning family, where relationships happen, that were not there before

What does our working together look like?

A Home Consultation Programme consists of:

  • Home visit:
    1. we meet and I come to know your child in his/her home environment as well as your family
    2. together we observe, what is going on for you, your child and in your home environment
    3. I play with your child and coach you towards effective playful interaction with your child 
  • Reflective Review Meeting: takes place the week after a home-visit, usually in my consulting room in Islington, so we can
    1. explore what happened at the previous home visit, including video interaction guidance
    2. reflect together where your child is struggling or stuck in his development
    3. discuss your questions, feelings and concerns, and what is blocking progress and ways to help
  • Online support by email or online 1-1 meetings
  • Behaviour Support, including Sleeping, Eating, Toilet-training, Play, Tantrums, Hyperactivity, Negativity
  • Developmental Play Materials, including craft and handwork
  • Therapeutic Play and Learning Activities, Techniques and Strategies

Development takes time: Initially developmental changes may not always be visible, because they happen inside, like a chick hatching in an egg. Or they look so very different from what you expected, so you miss or don’t notice them by yourself. That is where you need a guide or coach to help you see, observe and understand. We are creating a foundation. But once the foundation is built, one can build on it.

‚Seeing Change in his Development‘

‚By taking the support provided by MindBuilders, it gave me and my family so much help to live our lives with my son with autism. Within 1 year we saw so much change in his development. It has changed him from a boy who sits in one corner to a boy who moves around, is more interested in the world, beginning to vocalise … and happy. I know that in the next 2-3 years we will see a lot more progress.‘  Matteo, Father of autistic boy

I will be there for you, even when things are difficult. As in all development, there will be times, when things are difficult. When things seem stuck. When nothing happens. When you feel bad or frustrated or disappointed. These are growing pains and an important part of the process, of relationships and of growing up. Take heart. I will support you through these. Don’t run away. In fact, with careful attention a crisis or difficult period always bears the opportunity for a break-through towards new developments. When things fall apart, regeneration will follow. So, stay with it and ‚don’t waste a good crisis‘, because cyclical crises are a normal part of life. But without attention, a crisis can result in a break-down and despair and loss of human supportive connection. 

Amazing improvement

‚Many thanks for your incredible ideas. Your support has made an amazing improvement in my son’s and our family’s life for past several years.‘  Khalid’s dad

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