with Sibylle Janert

This supervision is for you, if you


want to become more confident with the practical use of the DIRFloortime model and FEDCs


wonder, how to follow the child’s lead and help him to climb the developmental ladder at the same time?


want to learn, how to assess the FEDLCs of your children/ clients


learn how to creat interventions playfully in order to play at the right FEDL, so that everyone is having fun together


are looking for ideas for helpful play materials and activities, strategies and techniques


share your experiences and discuss examples from your work with others


are looking for someone to discuss your experiences, questions and challenges


want to better understand complex family situations or autistic/ puzzling/ challenging behaviours


want to understand DIRFloortime and the Waldon Methode better in their practical application


are looking for new perspectives to make sense of autism and diagnoses

What you get in my supervisions

  • DIRFloortime strategies, techniques, activities
  • Assessment of child’s emotional developmental capacities (FEDC) & senso-motor profile
  • Waldon Method, also with video examples
  • Ideas for play materials and activities

Themes we can discuss

  • Autistic- like behaviours, autism
  • Behaviour, limits & boundaries
  • Family Dynamics
  • Continuous DIR-assessment of the child
  • Personality Development and how to support it
  • Developmental activities & play materials


Autistischen Kindern Bruecken Bauen “ Ideas for the therapeutic work

“DIRFloortime is not just a method to use or not. It opens new perspectives in our work with children (whatever the diagnosis) and the videos provide lots of practical ideas to use in our work with a child.” 

Amie Fisher, OT

Autistischen Kindern Bruecken Bauen “Video analysis

“The use of video is really fantastic for expanding one’s DIRFloortime practice as well as for assessing and supporting children effectively.” 

Joleen Grant, Speech therapist

1-1 Supervision

Time span:

  • 1 hour (online)
  • Usually 5+ hours or as agreed


  • Developmental approach 


  • Individual coaching in  DIRFloortime, Waldon, etc.
  • Relevant books and readings

Supervision Groups

Time span:

  • 6-8 x 2 hours (online)
  • 6-8 participants
  • 2 Presentations per participant


  • Practicing DIRFloortime
  • Exchange with colleagues
  • Relevant books and readings

Supervision Day

Time span:

  • 6  hours (on site/ online)
  • 1 day
  • Case discussion, video analysis


  • 101 DIRFloortime Introduction
  • Developmental approach

Possible Aims:

  • Team consultation
  • Coaching & consultation with parents and child on site
  • DIRFloortime assessment
  • Waldon Method: activities & play materials
  • Aseessment of family dynamics

Autistischen Kindern Bruecken Bauen “Meeting with other colleagues

“I really liked meeting with colleagues from different professions and different experiences, and the online format with weekly zoom-sessions, where you don’t feel so alone and can regularly share questions or difficult experiences from work.” 

Kate Dixon, Psychologist

Autistischen Kindern Bruecken Bauen “Der Weg zum Ziel

“The DIRFloortime method really helped me to meet each child exactly where they are developmentally and to join them on their own personal journey. Focussing more on the relationship with the child and what motivates him, rather than on training or teaching him a fixed curriculum, has fundamentally changed my way of working. Now I am focussing so much more on interaction than on behaviour.” 

Chris Walker, Special Needs Teacher


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