Become the Happy Family of your Dreams

  • Are you and your child still struggling with the basics of life like eating, sleeping, toilet training?
  • Is your child not talking and playing like other children of the same age?
  • Do you feel that you have tried everything, – like reading books, looking on the internet, online discussion groups … But nothing has really worked. You feel stuck and desperate. Is this something that cannot change? Or is there still hope?

Yes, there is hope. There is always something that can be done. The crucial point is not doing as much as possible, but doing the right thing, – the right thing for you, and the right thing for your specific child, and the right thing for your particular family. On the internet, you find people talking about their own child. Not YOUR child. Or they discuss or repeat commonly held advice, that you already know, and that hasn’t worked for you.


  • have a special child who does not play or talk, and who does not want to eat or sleep or use the toilet
  • have tried too many things that have not worked, and you are desperate and don’t know what else to do
  • need someone to hold your hand and to support you to help your child and your family

‘I don’t know anyone else with such a depth of insight, devotion and wide range of experience of working with families, autism and children. Sibylle Janert has worked with so many families and children at their own homes, and she really understands what is going on and what is needed. She has thought of every detail and helped us in the most practical and simple ways to put in place what we needed to add as parents for our child to finally master the most basic milestones like eating, sleeping, toilet-training, playing and talking, that we had been struggling with for years.’ Marvin’s dad

The Essentials of Growing Up:

    1. How to make your Family Flourish?
    2. How to create a Nurturing Home for your Child?
    3. My Child won’t eat: Food & Fussy Eating
    4. My Child won’t Sleep: Sleeping & Bedtime
    5. My Child loves Water: Bath-time
    6. My Child won’t use the Toilet: Toilet-training

This Online Course

is a set of resources to help you to lay the foundations for your child’s personality development. It consists of 6 Modules, that can be booked individually or as a whole set.

‘We finally feel like a proper family. With Sibylle’s help we now eat together, get a good night’s sleep, understand our child and have fun playing, talking and learning together at home every day.’  Alfie’s mum

My Child won't eat: Food & Fussy Eating

A child who refuses to eat is every mother’s worst nightmare. In this module you will find 16 tasty units about food, eating behaviours and strategies how to prevent or resolve fussy eating, so your child gets the nutrition he needs and all of you can enjoy family mealtimes together.

My Child won't sleep: Sleeping & Bedtime

All you want to know to help your child to learn to go to sleep on his own and to sleep through the night, so you too can get the sleep you need, – in 4 easy units.

My Child loves water: Bath-time

A treasure trove of fun and educational ideas as part of your child’s bedtime routine, – in 3 creative units.

Make your Family Flourish

Children do not come with instructions. 

Parenting is one of the hardest things to do, even more so with a child with developmental delay or with challenging or autistic-like behaviours. As a parent you may feel lost or helpless or like walking on eggs all the time. This module will help you get some solid ground under your feet and some clear sense of direction for you to hold on to as a guide towards calmer times with your child.

Coming soon!

What do Children need at Home?

Coming soon!

My Child won't use the Toilet: Helping with Toilet Training

Becoming toilet trained is a crucial development for every child. It is also often difficult, because it is an area that is full of confusions, difficult feelings and fears. Learn to look at toilet training from a new perspective, – in 3 helpful units.

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