My Child does

not use the Toilet



How can we get our child toilet-trained?

Does your child

  • show no interest in toilet training?
  • refuse to sit on or to use the toilet?
  • insist on nappies day and night?

This is a common problem. For some reason some children struggle with the most basic milestones of early development and parents are desperate for support to help their child. 

Your child can learn to use the toilet and become toilet-trained.

This is what you get:

This module has 4 units that will help you tackle your child’s toilet training in thoughtful and simple ways.

Unit 1: About Toilet Training

Using the toilet is a young child’s new game

Unit 2: What Toilet Training is really about

Toilet training is not just a matter of physically sitting a child on the toilet.

Unit 3: Toilet-Training has to be introduced

Finding a way to give up the nappy

Unit 4: How to start Toilet Training

Step-by-step towards successful toilet training

+ FREE 1-1 online coaching session (45 minutes) to problem-solve and help you get started 

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