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online-Coaching for Parents and Children

You have a child with autistic-like behaviours or autism and are looking for a someone with experience, who understands your unique situation and can guide you sensitively in how to support your child’s individual developmental path.

In over 30 years of working with families with a child with autistic-like behaviours, an autism diagnosis or other developmental challenges I have developed a deep understanding of the emotional situation and methods to support child and family in their personality development.

Most of my coaching takes place online from the comfort of your own home supporting you as parents in how you can help your child to interact, communicate, play and learn to be best of his/her potential. Personal 1-1 sessions are possible, when I come to London/ UK about once a year. 

In my coaching I support you as parents through my unique focus on relationships 


with difficulties with language developmetan, eating, sleeping, toilet training, behaviour and relationships


how to best utilise your home environment to support your child’s developmental progress


to learn effective communication strategies and developmental activities to enhance language development


to see your child and his difficulties from a new perspective and to discover new solutions to old problems


positive new ways of responding to your child and his inner world, so he becomes motived to open himself in turn to you and to the outside world

Autistischen Kindern Bruecken BauenSeeing Change in his Development”

‘By taking the support provided by MindBuilders, it gave me and my family so much help to live our lives with my son with autism. Within 1 year we saw so much change in his development. It has changed him from a boy who sits in one corner to a boy who moves around, is more interested in the world, beginning to vocalise and say his first words. I  know that in the next 2-3 years we will see a lot more progress.’ 

Yusuf’s dad

Autistischen Kindern Bruecken Bauen “Understanding and responding

Sibylle’ coaching has changed everyday life with our son (age 5) completely. We’re no longer fixated on autism and whether to get a diagnosis for his autistic-like behaviours. Instead Sibylle helped us to understand Sammy’s sensory needs and functional emotional developmental capacities (FEDCs). As a result we focus more on responding to him. We hadn’t realised that it puts him off, when we tell him what to do. Now he wants to play and interact with us all the time. We’re so happy.”

Sammy’s parents

3 Packages for Working Together

These packages are for you, if you


worry about delayed language development, lack of cooperation, interest and learning


need a sensitive adult to help you as a parent to figure out, what the matter is with your child


want to be able to share your experiences and worries with someone with experience and understanding


are wondering or worried about autism and diagnoses, and want to find new ways of understanding your child


are looking for someone who is genuinely interested in your situation and who will try to figure out with you how to solve your specific problem or challenges

Initial EXPLORER Package

4 x 1 hour (online) – 1 month

How does it work?

  • We come to know each other and you tell me about your child, your worries and his challenges
  • Optional: You can show/ send me 2-3 video clips of your child’s interactions, what normally happens as well as the problems
  • Together we explore, what is going on and begin to understand, where your child has got stuck developmentally
  • You get an experience of my unique way of working and we decide, whether to continue working together


10 x 1 hour (online) – 2-3 months

How does it work?
as in EXPLORER Package


  • Working together for a while to achieve greater progress 
  • Attention to your worries, questions, feelings as parents
  • Reduction of stress
  • Video guidance & coaching
  • Play techniques/ strategies, e.g. DIRFloortime, Waldon
  • Ideas for developmentally appropriate play materials
  • Effective strategies for managing difficult behaviours 
  • Support with developing an Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • FREE online support resources with charts and printables


30 x 1 hour (online) – 1 year

How does it work?


  • Working together long-term for real progress and lasting developmental change
  • Dedicated individualised support for you as parents
  • Tackling behavioural issues that take time to change, e.g. eating, sleeping, toilet training, tantrums, controlling/ passive/ aggressive/ hyperactive
  • Reducing feelings of confusion in child and parents
  • Preventing disturbances, managing difficult feelings, e.g. diagnosis, the future, …
  • Stress management  

Autistischen Kindern Bruecken Bauen “Fantastic progress

“Thank you so much for your fantastic ideas. Your support over the past 3 years means that our son as well as in the whole family have been able to change and make such good progress we had not thought was possible.” 

Khalids dad

Autistischen Kindern Bruecken Bauen “Helps me in the kitchen”

“Yesterday Marin asked if he could help in the kitchen. He peeled and cut the potatoes all by himself. I really need to tell you, because you are the only person who will understand how excited I feel about this!” 

SMS from Martin’s mum

What you get in my Coaching

  • Sensitive guidance and understanding for your experiences, concerns and feelings as parents
  • Coaching on how to better understand your child and his mental-emotional development
  • Comprehensive intervention with a focus on interaction and relationships
  • Strategies for communication and parenting that are tailored to the individual situation of your child and family
  • Practical tips and guidance on how best to support your child’s developmental progress at home and in everyday life

    What to expect from our working together?

    Development takes time and attention

    Initially developmental changes may not always be visible, because they happen inside, like a chick hatching in an egg. Or they look so very different from what you expected, so you miss or don’t notice them by yourself. That is where you need a guide or coach to help you see, observe and understand.

    We are creating a foundation. But once the foundation is built, one can build on it. When working together, we won’t waste time scratching the surface as if complex problems could easily be solved with a few behaviour modification techniques, special toys or instructions. Usually we need to go deeper to figure out what is going on. When we understand the complexity of your child’s and family’s individual situation, then problems can dissolve and progress ensues.

     Problems are there to be solved

    As in all development, there will be times, when things are difficult. When things seem stuck. When nothing happens. When you feel bad or frustrated or disappointed. These are growing pains and an important part of the process, of relationships and of growing up. Take heart. There is a way through. And you are not alone. I will be there and support you through these, even when things are difficult or there seems to be no way out.

    A crisis or difficult period always bears the opportunity for a break-through towards new developments. When things fall apart, regeneration will follow. Stay with it and ‘don’t waste a good crisis’! Cyclical crises are a normal part of life. But without careful attention, a crisis can also result in a break-down, despair and loss of human supportive connection. Together we can find ways for new developments and unexpected changes. Because that’s what problems are there for: to get attention and to be solved!

    Family- centred therapeutic Guidance

    My coaching package for parents, who are looking for developmental support for their child with challenging or autistic-like behaviours, takes place ONLINE. In this way I can support families from everywhere effectively and very successfully.

    The INITIAL CONSULTATION on the phone is FREE.

    After this most parents choose a PARENTING SUPPORT or TRANFORMATION Package to work together for some time to understand and encourage their child’s developmental progress. Because human development takes time, care and attention.

    For best progress meetings with the parents are key. Additional coaching of parents and child, or therapeutic work with a child alone is also an option.

    THERAPEUTIC FAMILY HOLIDAYS here in Ruhpolding in the beautiful countryside allows for more intensive therapeutic work together as well as for holistic continuous developmental ASSESSEMENTS of your child’s individual profile.

    How do Online Meetings work?

    It is really amazing, how much can be achieved with onlne meetings. At first I couldn’t believe it myself. But even parents and children with little computer experience have come to use and appreciate it. Some of the possibilities and advantages are:

    • both parents can participate in the meeting from different places, e.g. from work and/or home
    • there are no travel times or petrol costs, i.e. it is environmentally better and easier to organise
    • less childcare is only needed for a 1 hour meeting
    • I can easily share information or videos with you

    How does it work?

    1. you open you email and the zoom link that I have sent you
    2. you click on the link and follow the instructions
    3. with a little bit of patience the programme loads and then we can hear and see each other on the screen

    Book your FREE Initial Call now

    If you knew, how much progress your child could make in his play, relationships and language through playful interaction with you as parents, then you would book your FREE 20-minutes INITIAL PHONE OR ZOOM CALL with me right now.

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