Therapeutic Family Holidays 

Holidays for the whole family in one of the most beautiful areas in Germany

The popular therapeutic family holidays in the mountains take place regularly here in Ruhpolding. All year round it is peaceful, relaxing and stunningly beautiful here with lots of things to do. June is among the most beautiful months with meadows full of dandelions and daisies. In summer children love to play in the crystal-clear water of the brooks or go for a swim in one of the lakes. Autumn brings a festival for the eyes of colourful trees and golden light. Winter creates a winter-wonderland, sometimes even into April, with snowmen, tabogganing, skiing, ice-skating, snowshoe tours, winter walks or building an igloo.

Therapeutic Activities

  • Daily play or therapy sessions
  • Family consultations
  • 1-1 Floortime Playtherapy
  • 1-1 Waldon Method
  • Parent-coaching

Enjoying Nature

  • Waterplay at the brook
  • Walking and mountain hiking
  • Picnic on meadows in bloom
  • Swimming in the lake
  • Swimmingpool
  • Breathing deeply
  • Relaxing and taking it easy

The whole family can

  • Recharge their batteries/ auftanken in nature
  • Recover from everyday stress
  • Leave old habits behind
  • Take the opportunity to seeing behaviours in new ways
  • Prepare for important developments and progress

I can come to know your child

  • On a walk or outing
  • At dinner or in your holiday setting
  • In play sessions at the brook or in the meadow, the woods or the mountains
  • Conversations with parents can take place on a walk, or on a bench with mountain views

Therapeutic Family Holidays: 3 Packages

Therapeutic Brief Holiday/ Weekend

  • 3 x 1 hour
  • 2-3 days

How does it work?

  • We meet and come to know each other in person
  • I meet your child in person and through therapeutic play

Therapeutic Family Holidays

  • 5 x 1 hour a day
  • 1 week

How does it work?

  • We meet 1 hour/day for a therapeutic play or coaching session

Individual Possibilities:

  • DIRFloortime play sessions
  • Waldon activities

Therapy Holiday Intensive

  • 12 hours, e.g. 2-3 hours/day
  • 1 week 

How does it work?

  • We meet every day for 1-3 hours for a therapeutic play or coaching session

Additional Options:

  • Play + Training Intensives: (DIRFloortime, Waldon, communication, behaviour)
  • Meeting with therapy dog
  • Outings, Mountain Hikes, Swimming in the lake

The Path to your Therapy Holidays in Ruhpolding

  1. We discuss your situation and agree a suitable time
  2. You find the best holiday accommodation for your family with the help of the Tourism Office in Ruhpolding, ideally for 2 weeks
  3. We plan our appointments with each other
  4. I can come to know your child and family
  5. I can bring some tried and tested play materials for you to use with your child, and show you how
  6. Parents can show me, what the challenges are
  7. I can play directly with your child and show you new therapeutic play techniques and activities
  8. Together we can find new ways and practical solutions for challenging situations

Your holiday and relaxation can begin, – and make the start for new developments!

Autistischen Kindern Bruecken Bauen “Our time in Ruhpolding was bliss.”

Dear Sibylle. The time with you in Ruhpolding really moved mountains! It was the first time in years that we could all relax and get proper sleep. I loved being in nature, my husband loved the mountains and the kids loved swimming in the lake. And Yusuf still talks about you and the trip on the little train. We’re definitely coming back next year!”

Yusuf’s mum

Autistischen Kindern Bruecken Bauen “We got so much out of it

“Hallo SIbylle. Thank you so very much for everything and the lovely time in Ruhpolding. We all got so much out of it and I am so glad, that we can continue to work with you. Connie made so much progress and we really benefitted from spending time with you and observing together, what her challenges are and how best to respond and help.” 

Connie’s dad

 More therapeutic options & valued local colleagues:

  • Speechtherapy
  • Meetings with therapy dog
  • Child care & baby-sitting
  • Horse-riding indoors or in nature

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