Webinars for PARENTS

The hard-to-engage child can be helped to emerge

with Franco Scabbiolo, Psychotherapist, Oxford UK

In these webinars Franco Scabbiolo will share his theories, skills and strategies, including video examples of children and families, to show, how you can use these ideas with a hard-to-engage child at home. There will be time for discussion and questions.

The webinars usually take place on Mondays 9.30-11am (with occasional changes).

The true essence and potential of each child can be found

Franco’s experience of almost 50 years of psycho-therapeutic work with children and adults demonstrates that the true essence and potential of each child can be found, even in those who are the hardest to engage: the child with autism, challenging or autistic-like behaviours, Asperger’s Syndrome or mental health issues.

Natural processes can derail

or get disrupted or disturbed in various ways and for various reasons, including the complex development of the human mind. But the heart and soul of a person, which is emotional in its essence, always remains. This means, that although the hard-to-engage child is emotionally often not there, the developmental process can nevertheless be re-established. But how?

Our quest is to re-establish ordinary development:

How to feel and how to respond to the child? How to hear and feel the unfelt feelings of the child? How to develop the process? And how do I know, that I am focussing on what is essential?

How to help the child to emerge:

Franco will address the challenging question, how to generate the emotional process when living with a hard-to-engage child, so the child’s sense of self and unique personality can emerge. He has developed a ‘compass’ to help us to establish emotional contact and to navigate the lack of emotional experience. At the centre of his therapeutic work are his notions of creativity and vision, because without having a vision of the child, it is difficult to achieve successful development.

The hard-to-engage

child can be helped

to emerge


Franco Scabbiolo

£ 30 per webinar

Concessionary rates available, when booking 8 sessions. Please ask.

In these webinars you will learn about:

  1. The developmental tasks the child has to master to be able to learn, play and talk
  2. Understanding autism and Asperger’s Syndrome from a new perspective
  3. How behaviour is the language of feelings
  4. How to make every session with a child relevant
  5. Why talking to the child often doesn’t work
  6. How  to see unrealised potential for the child’s development
  7. Dealing with feelings of guilt and abandonment
  8. How different family constellations affect the child’s development


TBA April 2021 #1 - Mastering the use of the senses and bodily feelings:

the developmental tasks the child has to master (e.g. eating, toilet training, sleeping, playing, interacting … ) in order to create the unconscious and the foundation of symbolic development

When:     9.30-11am UK time

Cost:        £ 30,00

Mon. 20.7.2020 #2 - A new view of autism and Asperger’s Syndrome:

how the importance of the unfelt feelings of the past affect a child’s mental-emotional development, and how to generate feelings in the child, who is unable to be emotionally in touch with and feel his own feelings

When:      Mon. 20.7.2020, 9.30-11 am UK time

Cost:        £ 30,00

Mon. 19.10.2020 #3 - Behaviour and the language of feelings:

how to feel the physical feelings of the child, e.g. when the child is upset, or angry, and what to do with that

When:      Mon. 19.10.2020, 9.30-11 am UK time

Cost:        £ 30.00

Mon. 16.11.2020 #4 - The developmental therapeutic process:

.how to make every session with a child relevant for their bodily and mental-emotional development

When:     9.30-11 am UK time

Cost:        £ 30,00

TBA Dec.2020 #5 - The pitfalls of conventional Verbal Language:

how verbal language is a form of behaviour in order to control, and therefore missing the fundamental emotional experience of the child

When:      9.30-11 am UK time

Cost:        £ 30.00

TBA Jan. 2021 #6 - The importance of creating a vision of the future for the child

about opening up unrealised possibilities and potential for individual development

When:      9.30.11 am UK time

Cost:        £ 30,00

TBA Febr. 2021 #7 - Dealing with feelings of guilt and abandonment:

overcoming obstacles, barriers, frustrations, disappointment and loss

When:      TBA, 7-8.30pm UK time

Cost:        £ 30,00

TBA March 20201 #8 - The child in the family:

different family constellations and the consequences of secrets and lies for developing the child’s capacity to feel for themselves and to grow emotionally

When:      TBA,  UK time

Cost:        £ 30,00

Franco Scabbiolo is a psychotherapist in Oxford, who has been working with children, adolescents and adults for over 50 years. Major influences of his approach are the work of psychoanalysts like W. Bion and D. Meltzer, as well as philospohers like Wittgenstein and many others.

Franco is convinced that every person has an innate potential for real growth and healthy personality development. We can see this in dreams, relationships, art and in children’s play and behaviour. But when this impulse encounters a barrier, like negativity, obsessions or other internal obstructions, then one gets stuck, hiding in fear of experiencing new emotions. From this perspective, AUTISM too can be seen as a particular way of being human with great potential for change.

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