Improvements in her social interaction

‘After just one visit by Sibylle, my daughter already made improvements in her social interaction. Initially Anika was withdrawn and never noticed around the house, because she was so silent. She had never shown any interest or motivation to her surroundings. Now she is more active, shows more affection to me and is more independent than a month ago. She babbles a few unknown words and has a mind of her own, like she’d answer the phone by picking up the handset and challenges her brother. I am so pleased to meet Sibylle and use her ideas, which have really worked for Anika. I am sure she will make more progress, and eventually I hope to put her through mainstream school, if she continues to receive support from people like Sibylle.’  Mother of 4 year old non-verbal Anika

The only way for me to survive

‘Sometimes the only way for me to survive is to think of your suggestions. Chen is now beginning to use words. You gave me the support and information that no one could give to me until now.' Mother of 3-year-old Chen

Things felt so bleak

‘You have been a great help to Timy’s development. When we took him for his first assessment and he was diagnosed as autistic, things felt so bleak. But with the imaginative play, positive attitude and learning how to interact and play, we are now getting back on track. MindBuilders has had the greatest positive effect on Timy and our family, more than any other service we've had.’  Father of 5-year-old Timmy

Pearls and Diamonds

'After your first home visit to us, I felt like you'd given us pearls and diamonds. We realised that weren't really paying attention to what our little girl was telling us. But suddenly we could see and 'hear' her, - and it gave me a completely new relationship with her.' Mia's mum

Awakening our child's potential

'After the initial diagnosis when Ramsey was 2, panic set in and we spent nearly two years looking for a reliable treatment.  In a desperate and vulnerable state of mind it was Sibylle’s practical but effective techniques that helped us awaken our child’s potential.  By applying very matter-of-fact, clear play routines as well as the Waldon method and therapeutic Form Drawing, we have slowly but surely been enjoying re-building our relationship with our little boy and seeing all our hard work come into fruition. Starting with ‘1 line a day’, our little boy now sits to draw using crayons. It makes me so happy to see him enjoying the colours and doing something so purposeful. When we first met Sibylle, all he was doing was running around aimlessly twiddling a stick all the time. Now he sits down on his chair at the table and looks at me expectantly as if saying ‘What are we going to play now, mummy?’ as he waits for me to put out some Waldon play materials for him.' Ramsey's mum

I feel so much less frantic and guilty

'There are not many professionals, who do, what you offer. It feels very supportive, - just by really seeing us and the relationship and the psychological parts of the relationship. I feel that you’ve seen a lot. I feel I understand Mina so much better now, and I feel so much less frantic and guilty.' Mother of Mina (age 5 ½ years)

We could not have done this without you

‘Thank you so much. I really appreciate your support and help, we could not have done this without you.’ Maryam, Mother of autistic boy

You were such a huge part of what had helped us along our journey of diagnosis 

'Hi Sibylle, I was just talking about you the other day! I've been taking a therapeutic creative writing course and we were reflecting on what had helped us along our journey of diagnosis and all that comes after and you were such a huge part of that for me! Rudi is doing well.  He's going in to Year 2 in September and is doing well at school. We've got a good partnership in place there and although things could always be better hes coping well, has made friends and can access the curriculum. In terms of communication he is talking . . . a lot! His sentence structures aren't always great and were not at full conversations but he understands what is being said and responds appropriately. Eye contact has improved and hes interested in what goes on around him and is well behaved on the whole. A very different boy from the one you met a few years ago! We are at a good place now I think with him and he is happy which is the main thing. How are things going with you? Busy I assume. I'd love to hear about your DIR training and other courses. So nice to hear from you. Keep in touch!' Vicky, mother of Rudi (age 6), July 2017

Since he's mastered imaginative play, the floodgates opened

'Joey has really come on since you saw him last. He’s nearly finished his repeat year in nursery and has really enjoyed it. He loves to go to school now and has made friends and has a small group of close friends (3 boys) that he plays with every day, and the good news is that they'll all be in the same reception class together. He's had a couple of play dates at his friends house and has been happy to go without me! He has grown up a lot this year. He also went skiing in April and did 3 hour lessons everyday, as part of a group and listened, followed instruction and finished the course by skiing all the way down a long blue run! I was amazed and so so proud of him. 

Anyway, I could go on and on!  We are so happy for him. He's quite a character! Thank you so much for helping Joey.  Tim and I both feel that imaginative play really was the key to everything for him. Since he's mastered imaginative play, the floodgates opened.' Marilyn, mother of Joey (age 5 years), July 2017

Your book is teaching me a lot

'I have found that going down the levels and massively reducing language has helped a lot. I am currently reading your book and really enjoying it. Its teaching me a lot.' Maud, nanny of autistic 8-year old, April 2014

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

"We are parents to a 4 year old autistic boy called Melvin and we are very lucky to have met Sibylle Janert.  She really made such a positive and amazing difference in our son's life. After just a few meetings with her we could see positive changes in our boy's behaviour and his interest about the world around him. She is exceptional in her approach and her advice and guidance, also for us as parents, opened the one door which seemed to be blocked for so long. We are seeing now the light at the end of the tunnel and we are hopeful, thanks to Sibylle, to see even more improvements in our son's life. We would also like to mention that the Skype meetings are very useful and productive as Sibylle is very dedicated in answering all the questions we have and in continuing to give us the guidance that helps us in the everyday life with our son. If you are looking for a real help and positive changes in your child's life then be assured, Sibylle is the one to make the difference. Thank you so much, Sibylle, for everything!"  Melvin's mum

'We are really greatful to have met you and received all the wonderful advice, guidance and information that we are now starting to apply in Melvin's daily activity programme. Thank you very much for the guideline of the daily schedule and the information on picky eaters.' Melvin's dad



 Families are functioning better

‘At review-meetings we see that parents with MindBuilders' home-consultation support are more confident and no longer depressed, that families are functioning better. Siblings too get more positive attention and that dads are more involved with all their children.’  Paediatrician

Coaching parents

‘This focus on coaching parents on how to play and communicate with their autistic child at home is exactly what has been missing from our services and we are already seeing great improvements.’  Speech Therapist

Your knowledge and the way you work is truly inspiring

'I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the seminar on autism this weekend and didn't get the chance to tell you before I left today. Your knowledge and the way you work is truly inspiring and I hope to feed my passion, once again, in working with children with an Autism diagnosis in the future with your way of working in mind. I have recently started a new placement but hope there will be an opportunity in the future to work under your guidance. Michelle, Child Psychotherapy Student, Terapia 2014

A great learning experience

'The 2 day course over the weekend was great and I enjoyed it a lot. Your approaches and willingness to share your experience with difference children via the use of videos was a great learning experience for me. I enjoyed the discussion of the small group as well as the levels of communication shared. As an OT, attending this course has got me excited to use this approach and its principles for my work with children that I see.' Yee, Occupational Therapist, 2015




AUF DEUTSCH: Was die Leute sagen

Ihr Buch über Autismus ist das einzige wirklich hilfreiche Buch ... und nur zu empfehlen

'Hallo Frau Janert, ich war mit in der Fortbildung in Pelzerhaken. Gerade habe ich mal wieder einen Artikel über Autismus zu verfassen und da wurde mir wieder sehr klar, dass Ihr Buch über Autismus das einzige verfügbare Buch ist, das wirklich hilfreich ist und den Umgang mit autistischen Kindern und oft auch die Gründe für ihr Verhalten erklärt. Nach wie vor kann ich es einfach nur empfehlen! Klug, sinnvoll und hilfreich.'   Ulrike Franke, 2015

Herzensblick auf das Menschliche und Schöpferische  in der Begleitung von Familien

'Ich habe am Freitag und Samstag im Kinderzentrum München Ihren Kurs „Autismus neu verstehen“ besucht und wollte mich einfach noch mal sehr herzlich bedanken! Für mich war Ihre Fortbildung eine große Bestätigung und Freude, weiter mutig zu bleiben. Und schonungslos und zugleich unbeirrbar den Herzensblick auf das Menschliche und Schöpferische  in der Begleitung von Familien und im eigenen Leben zu halten. Danke für Ihre Ernsthaftigkeit in der Sache bei gleichzeitiger Leichtigkeit und Humor im Sein-)…und für das „4 Welten Model“! Ich habe Lust weiter mit und an der „Floortime“ Haltung zu arbeiten…Heute wollte ich eigentlich nur noch mal danke sagen!' Sarah, Ergotherapeutin, Juni 2017

Mut dranzubleiben, nicht zu früh aufzugeben, ganz wach Variationen zu probieren

'Liebe Frau Janert, zu Ihrer Frage, ob sich in meiner Arbeit mit den Therapiekindern durch die Fortbildung etwas geändert hat: auf jeden Fall: Ja. Zum einen habe ich mich in manchem bestätigt gefühlt und das war sehr wichtig für meine Sicherheit im Umgang und in der Einschätzung der Kinder. (Ich habe leider wenig wirklichen Austausch mit Fachkollegen, gerade über nonverbale Kommunikation und Aufbau von Interaktion). Zum anderen habe ich mich durch die Beispiele in ihren Filmen mehr getraut, an der momentanen Interaktion dranzubleiben, nicht zu früh aufzugeben, ganz wach Variationen zu probieren, z.B. auch aus Abwehr mal ein Bewegungsspiel zu entwickeln, dass dann dem Kind und mir im Verlauf viel Freude bereitete und tatsächlich dann auf Umwegen zum Instrumentalspiel führte. (Ihr Beispiel mit dem Zug und dem Ziehen des Kindes über den Boden war sehr eindrucksvoll!)

Und das gegenständliche symbolische Spiel hat noch einmal eine andere wichtigere Stellung bekommen - eigenständig und ev. auch als Vorstufe für eine auditive symbolische Vorstellung.'  Elisabeth Blessing, 2017, München

Die Kinder da abholen, wo sie sind

'Sehr geehrte Frau Janert, Sie werden sich kaum an mich erinnern- aber ich habe im September in Pelzerhaken in ihrem Workshop gesessen und die Fortbildung hat mir sehr viel gegeben. Sicherlich habe ich die Kinder " schon immer" da abgeholt wo sie sind und waren. Aber ist das wirklich wahr? Ist nicht manche Behandlung schief gelaufen, weil ich eben an diesem Tag, bei diesem Kind  nicht den optimalen Ansatz gefunden habe ? Und ich mich über mich, das Kind, das falsche Material, den falschen Raum.... geärgert habe.'  Ute Scheunemann, Pelzerhaken 2013